Verification of death

NHS England has now issued updated national guidance on verification of death and as a result of this, we have updated our guidance for north east London. 

  • Following an expected death, there is no requirement in English law for a GP or other registered medical practitioner to see or examine the body of a person.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, GPs and other suitably trained Health Care Professionals (HCPs) have the option of supporting the death verification process remotely.
  • This remote process is not mandated, but it is an option.
  • During the peak of the pandemic the PMART process was in place for unexpected deaths.  The PMART team is not currently in operation.  If it is reactivated in the event of a subsequent peak of infections, this guidance will be updated accordingly.
  • In the case of unexpected deaths not related to COVID-19 follow the usual process via the Police.
  • Examples are provided in the NHSE guidance pack.





Updated: 01/09/2020