Resources for Healthcare Workers

Advice for those involved in delivering the Covid-19 vaccine programme

While the bulk of the Covid-19 vaccination programme will be during 2021, the programme is now underway and a range of clinical and supporting guidance is available from a variety of platforms. This page brings together the key resources for staff who are actively involved in the programme.

Vaccination centres

The below information supports all those working to set up, manage and run vaccination centres across all locations within primary care, acute and community venues.  

Branding and signage for NHS vaccination facilities

Guidance has been issued for hospital hubs, vaccination centres (large scale centres) and vaccination services (community and primary care-led services), along with usage guidelines and naming structure.

All vaccination sites can also download short animations and posters to display in waiting room areas. Animations are available in 16 different languages.

Clinical guidance

The NHS England website hosts detailed guidance for clinicians and others working in the NHS about hospital hubs, primary care centres, equipment, supplies etc.

In addition to the NHSE Covid-19 primary care hub there is specific primary care guidance on:

Training for vaccination programme staff

The national standards describe the training that should be given to all practitioners engaging in any aspect of immunisation so that they are able to confidently, competently and effectively promote and administer vaccinations. The Public Health England generic immunisation training standards are here.

Guidance and training resources to support vaccinators including an e-learning module are on the website. These specific Covid-19 training resources are on the GOV.Uk website here.

Health Education England offer an e-learning programme that provides theoretical training. Those new to, or returning to vaccination after a prolonged period, will also require face to face practical training in vaccine administration and assessment and competency sign-off before administering the COVID-19 vaccine.

Care homes

You can find a comprehensive list of care homes in north east London here.

Forms and leaflets for patients

The Government website provides resources on consent forms, and a range of patient leaflets e.g. guides for older adults, for women of childbearing age, for healthcare workers and social care staff; what to expect after vaccination; posters for care homes and healthcare settings etc.

You can order leaflets on the Health Publications website here. Please note:

  • Even if an item is out of stock, it is being replenished daily.
  • Please only get enough stock for the vaccine you are getting as print materials continue to be updated. 

A detailed guide on the different publications available to support the programme can be found here. 

What to expect after your COVID-19 vaccinations (Public Health England Leaflet)

Detailed patient information leaflet for UK recipients on the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine

Detailed information leaflet for UK recipients on the AstraZeneca vaccine.

New COVID-19 vaccination support materials for people with a learning disability

These resources will help staff provide accessible appointments to ensure people with a learning disability and autistic people in a high-risk group have safe and equitable access to COVID-19 vaccination:

Additional training materials for COVID 19 vaccinators and volunteers provide top tips on communicating with people with a learning disability and autistic people and reasonable adjustments that should be considered.

Materials for promoting the vaccine to the public

A wide range of resources for the campaign are available on the Public Health England Campaign Resource Centre. These include Posters, Social animations and Social media assets.

COVID-19 vaccination patient leaflet (Public Health England)

COVID-19 vaccine for health and social care workers leaflet (Public Health England)

Poster that explains the priority groups

To order leaflets please visit the Health Publications website.

Written resources in foreign languages 

Lateral flow testing information for NHS staff

SOP - Use of lateral flow devices for asymptomatic staff testing for SARS CoV-2 in all NHS Staff

Lateral flow antigen tests for asymptomatic staff testing - Frequently asked questions – NHS trusts (organisations and staff) including community interest companies.

Lateral flow antigen tests for asymptomatic staff testing - Frequently asked questions – primary care (organisations and staff)

Updated: 14/10/2021