Planning for our children's future.

This page is for our stakeholders and partners who are part of our collective health and care system in north east London working to shine a light on the needs of children, young people and their families as we work together to harness our shared purpose of being collaboratively ambitious for child health.

The Covid 19 pandemic has had a significant impact both directly and indirectly on the health of children and young people.  Paediatric services have been re-shaped, there have been less children accessing services and many late presentations of unwell children.  There have also a variety of societal changes, such as the suspension of standard school services and lockdown of citizens, which have particularly put vulnerable children at risk.  Since the start of the pandemic we have been working closely across north east London to collectively manage system risks, highlight issues, share best practice and find solutions to common problems. 

To date we have held two conferences bringing together experts from north east London and beyond to consider how we achieve the very best for the babies, children and young people we care for. 

Keeping care of babies, children and young people closer to home conference... making it happen 
22 July 2020

On 22 July 2020, over 100 professionals from across north east London came together to explore creative ways to safely reduce reliance on attendances in healthcare settings particularly in the light of Covid19 where strengthened infection control interventions and social distancing requires us to think and do things differently. The online event put a focus on keeping care as close to home as possible whilst strengthening our public health approaches and improving experiences of care. The presentations from the day, full summary of outcomes and letter to attendees can be found in the downloads section. 

Being collaboratively ambitious for child health
15 May 2020

On 15 May 2020, over 100 stakeholders working across children’s and young people’s services came together to consider how we might move forward as a local and wider system and collectively support the health of our children and young people during this challenging period, and maybe even more importantly, beyond the pandemic. The presentations from the day, a letter from Kath Evans our clinical lead and reflections and next steps can be found in the downloads section. The full recorded event can be viewed below. 

Updated: 19/10/2020