antenatal class

East London has the fastest growing population in the UK and the highest birth rate. Our health and care services must cope with this growth and continue to ensure all goes well for the mums and babies. But it’s not the only challenge.

More women who have babies are living with a long-term health condition, such as diabetes or heart disease. This can lead to a complex birth, requiring extra care and attention. We need to help women prevent and better manage these conditions.

Our aims

  • Improve information and advice offered during preconception, pregnancy, birth and after giving birth
  • Give women greater control and more choice about where to give birth
  • Make all women feel safe and secure, cared for, listened to and supported

Our vision for maternity services in east London is for them to be safe, caring and kind. We want it to be easier for women to find out about the services, and for care to be focused around the needs of the woman and her family.

We want all women to feel safe and secure during their pregnancy. We want all women to have a choice about how and where they give birth and to feel supported throughout.

For our staff, our culture is to promote innovation and continuous learning. We want to create a working environment where they feel valued – one that will help us attract and retain the best people.

We're one of seven areas across the country taking part in the Better Births Initiative to make care safer and give women greater control and more choices during their pregnancy. It aims to reduce the number of different midwives and doctors seen during pregnancy, so a proper relationship can be built.

Our aim is to continually improve everything we do to ensure the best, and happiest, outcome for every mum and baby.

Updated: 22/05/2019