Maternity careers

Midwife in corridor with baby
There are so many things that you can move on to from midwifery, for example clinical, managerial, governance and public health.

Michelle Gladstein, Midwife, Whipps Cross Hospital

We are rewriting the script on how we do things, shaping careers around our midwives so they can achieve what they set out to do and help bring joy to families’ lives.

We are giving midwives a choice about where and when they work, either in a hospital or the community, and the encouragement and support to realise their potential across the whole profession – from antenatal to postnatal. No one else is doing what we are doing.

It’s a unique chance to be part of something new. What’s more, east London is more than just a place to work. With its amazing mix of people, cultures, things to do and places to go midwives can not only enjoy a very happy and fulfilling career but live life to the very full.

If you are a midwife looking for a new and exciting opportunity - be part of our conversationcontact us today!

Updated: 22/05/2019