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Emerging Leaders Link Worker Development Programme 2021-22


As part of the NEL Personalised Care programme, the North East London Health and Care Partnership (NEL HCP) is delighted to announce the launch of the Emerging Leaders Link Worker development programme 2021-22.

North East London has an ambitious Social Prescribing programme and workforce development is a key component of this.

The NEL Social Prescribing Workforce Enabler Programme was established in early 2021 and we now have a vibrant social prescribing network with good engagement and representation from across the system. We have developed resources, such as our nationally recognised NEL Guide for Social Prescribing Link Workers as well as pan NEL training and development opportunities for our social prescribing workforce to ensure equity of access for all.

We also continue to realise our aspirations of north east London being the best place to work in personalised care, by supporting growth and harnessing the talent that exists in our Link Workers.

We recognise the importance of developing leadership capacity and capability in personalisation, to enable social prescribing service improvements and a quality experience for our local populations. There are inevitable organisational benefits for our local healthcare systems and their support is critical to the success of the pilot.

Our leadership programme has been in design and development since April 2021; the content has been co-designed with local social prescribing managers in north east London and is underpinned by our commitment to distributed (shared) leadership principles and person-centred care. We have devised an engaging fit for purpose pilot programme with a good blend of practical skills training, access to system leaders, equipping participants with a strong understanding of health inequalities and population health, data literacy as well as space to reflect on practice.

We believe this small pilot programme is the first of its kind, so we will of course evaluate, learn, and use these findings to further develop and grow.

Applications are now open!

We are excited for you to join us on this journey.

Please contact Gita Malhotra, Social Prescribing/Personalised Care Strategic Workforce Development Lead or Cerrie Baines, Project Coordinator, for more information.

‘North East London has an amazing range of social prescribing teams and leaders, and we have an ambitious programme to provide the best possible support to our link workers. We want to help our link workers deliver the best possible service to residents and communities and developing our workforce through a leadership programme is absolutely pivotal. 

We hope that the emerging leaders link workers pilot is the starting point on our journey towards setting up an ongoing leadership development programme for link workers and other personalised care staff. A massive thank you to Gita Malhotra and all our social prescribing leads who have co-designed the programme – we hope it is of benefit to you and your teams this year and in future years to come.’

Mark Scott, Lead for the Personalised Care and Babies, Children and Young People’s Programmes. NELCCG HCP

Updated: 26/11/2021