Early Diagnosis Centre (EDC)

MRI scanner

The proposal for a new Early Diagnosis Centre (EDC) for north east London is for a brand new facility that will boost the level the existing services we have in place to make it possible for us to diagnose cancer early.

The planned EDC will mean a better experience for patients who will have another location for scheduled tests, avoiding delays and long waiting times. The EDC will also benefit the staff, who will have better training and research opportunities. It will give local people access to a more efficient service, reducing variation, improving standards and outcomes.

The location of the new EDC at Mile End, was decided by the hospital trusts after an independent review in 2018. The decision is supported by the north east London Commissioning Alliance Joint Commissioning Committee.

Locating the facility at Mile End makes sense because it is easily accessible and has good transport links. It means more diagnostic capacity in north east London and better rates of survival from cancer. The EDC will care for patients with conditions that put them at potentially greater risk of developing cancer.

One year cancer survival rates across north east London are currently lower than the national average, but we also have a higher than national average of patients presenting with a new diagnosis of cancer via emergency routes. This is associated with poor survival due to many patients presenting with later stage cancers.

Simon Hall, senior responsible officer for cancer

The EDC is a collaborative project, and all three hospital trusts - Barts Health, Barking and Havering NHS Hospital Trust and the Homerton University Hospital Trust - expect to work together to make it a success.

We would like to include more groups if possible, and are particularly keen to involve a wider group of local residents and patients. Find out more about how you can get involved

Updated: 17/04/2019