Working together

We are clear that decision-making should take place as close to the patient as possible but where it makes sense we will come together at a north east London level to strategically plan, co-ordinate delivery and manage performance.

The building block of our approach is our borough-based partnerships where the NHS works closely with Local Authority and other partners to help people stay healthy and address health inequalities.

We have a strong history of partnership working across north east London and this has been strengthened during our collective response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Becoming an ICS will reinforce much of the work we’ve been doing in each of our systems to blur the barriers between providers and commissioners and bring colleagues together.

We are delivering some fantastic work already with our partners as seen in areas like our vaccine programme, Covid-19 response and our work on virtual wards, critical care and also areas like maternity and children and young people and we will continue to deliver these and our wider programmes as planned.

Another good example of successful work at a NEL level is our approach to maternity services, where staff work across NEL. This ensures consistency and continuity of care and allows us to put in place the right capacity in the right place when we need it. We are also working to address health inequalities at a NEL level through our anchor charter.

  • Councils and the NHS are working to address the health needs of over two million people who live in east London.
  • The NEL HCP is a way of working that brings these organisations together so we can shape and deliver solutions across health and social care services, making the best use of our resources.

Issues we face

  • Ensuring sustained improvement in performance against key constitutional standards for both acute (hospital-based services) and mental health.
  • Delivering a simplified, streamlined urgent care systems which will ensure the right care, right place, first time access principles for patients and address current performance issues.
  • Ensuring ongoing financial sustainability across north east London and supporting the achievement of financial recovery plans for CCGs and providers where these apply.
  • Developing a workforce programme that addresses local issues and delivers a sustainable clinical and allied healthcare professional workforce.
  • Supporting the delivery of 'Integrated Care Systems' within north east London to drive transformation of care at the local level.


Updated: 18/11/2021