Partnership meetings

The work of the East London Health and Care Partnership (ELHCP) is led by senior managers, clinicians and is influenced by national policy. In 2019-20 the way we work is under review following the publication of the NHS Long Term Plan and a refresh of our strategic plan.  In 2018-19, we increased the level of reporting to councils and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). We provide monthly updates on our work to tell people about our progress. Members of the public attend these meetings and can submit questions, usually in advance, to ask us questions about our work. 

The meetings we regularly report to are:

  • Outer North East London, Joint Health and Care Overview Scrutiny Committee (ONEL JHOSC)
  • Inner North East London, Joint Health and Care Overview Scrutiny Committee (INEL JHOSC)
  • North East London Commissioning Alliance
  • HealthandWellbeing Boards
    • Barking and Dagenham
    • City of London
    • Hackney
    • Newham
    • Tower Hamlets
    • Redbridge
    • Waltham Forest

We also hold an engagement event every six months, the next public event takes place in June 2019. Details of all our events can be found here.

North East London Commissioning Alliance 

The seven north east London (NEL) CCGs - City and Hackney, Newham, Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest, Barking and Dagenham, Havering and Redbridge – are working together as a commissioning alliance to develop an aligned approach to working with providers to ensure long-term sustainability.

NHS Newham will continue to decide how most of the local NHS services are commissioned. However, where it makes sense, and is in the best interest of patients, the seven CCGs are joining up to work together. When they do this, they are known as the NHS North East London Commissioning Alliance.

The vast majority of what CCGs do will continue to be locally led, working closely with local people and communities, the local council and the voluntary sector. This will especially relate to working in partnership to develop plans to improve local health outcomes.

But by working together in an Alliance the CCGs will:

  • Harness the benefits of greater collaboration across the system with CCGs, other NHS organisations, local authorities and the voluntary and community sector 
  • Reduce duplication by adopting common approaches and doing things once where it is appropriate and beneficial to do so. Some things are done really well in north east London, and this is an opportunity to learn from each other and share best practice.
  • Make sure that commissioning is truly integrated around local people and will improve both services and health outcomes
  • Will really drive and improve outcomes for people who live and work across north east London. 

At a north east London level, it is expected that the seven CCGs will work together to:

  • Commission services jointly – e.g. London Ambulance Service and integrated urgent care, specialist commissioning
  • Align commissioning strategies (e.g. urgent and emergency care, mental health, planned care)
  • Harmonise assurance processes

As part of these changes, NEL CCGs have appointed one accountable officer across the seven CCGs. This post is held by Jane Milligan, whose role is to provide clear system leadership, look at strategic planning across north east London and coordinate the CCGs’ work to improve services and health outcomes for all local people, while supporting the strong desire to build sustainable local Integrated Care Systems.

North East London Joint Commissioning Committee (JCC)

A major part of this new arrangement is the setting up of the new north east London Joint Commissioning Committee (JCC). This will discuss items common to all seven CCGs – for example, how they make sure that its urgent care works in a similar way or their contracting with hospitals.  For a limited number of areas, it will also take decisions on services that are commissioned once for north east London.  

Waltham Forest CCG chair, Anwar Khan, chairs the Joint Commissioning Committee, while Barking and Dagenham CCG vice chair, Kash Pandya, is the committee's lay member and vice chair.

Updated: 26/11/2019