Lymphoedema champions

Lymphoedema champions

These representatives are a point of contact for information about local services in their area. They also encourage networking amongst health and care professionals within their area.

North Central London Lymphoedema Champion

Kay Eaton, Consultant Nurse, Cancer and Supportive Care; Clinical Lead for the Lymphoedema Service, UCLH.  Contact:

North East London
Lymphoedema Champion

Caitriona O’Neill, Director of Clinical Services and Lymphoedema, Accelerate. Contact: caitriona.o'

South East London Lymphoedema Champion

Nancy Jameson, Lymphoedema Lead Specialist (Physiotherapist), Guy’s Cancer Centre, Guy’s Contact: 

South West London
Lymphoedema Joint Champions

Rachel Day, Lymphoedema Therapist, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust. Contact :

Sara Harding,  Lymphoedema Therapist, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust.  Contact:

North West London
Lymphoedema Champion

Karen Crowley-Jenns, Lymphoedema lead and Clinical Nurse Specialist, London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust Contact:

North East London Cancer Alliance representative

Dr Karen Robb, Programme lead for Personalised Care and End of Life care in Cancer, NEL Cancer Alliance

Transforming Cancer Services Team representative

Liz Price, Associate Director for Personalised Care in Cancer



Updated: 02/03/2021