Key priorities for system partners

Partners from across north east London (NEL) came together at two workshops in October and November 2021 to discuss and agree a collective purpose statement and key priorities for the NEL Integrated Care System (ICS).

These discussions are a vital part of our work to formalise our existing strong partnerships and collective intent to continue to support our population to live healthier and happier lives; ahead of the changes from July 2022 to the way the NHS and social care is organised. Read more about the changes here.

Purpose statement

Partners from the NHS, local authorities, voluntary and community sector, and Healthwatch agreed the following purpose statement:

Key priorities

Four key priorities were identified as areas of focus that all partners will commit to delivering together in partnership, in addition to the many areas of work already underway:

Delivering on the priorities

Partners also discussed the detail behind each priority, such as what we need to ensure is in place to deliver each priority and what is required to do this.

Employment and workforce:

Children and young people:

Long term conditions:

Mental health:

Read more here.

Next steps

The next step is to identify how best to deliver on our priorities in a meaningful and effective way, working in partnership across NEL and ensuring they are embedded throughout our work.

Updated: 05/01/2022