Our plans

Our sustainability and transformation plan (STP) was produced in June 2016 and revised in October 2016. It was used to inform how we went on to develop the East London Health and Care Partnership. The original plans were a starting point, and since then we have developed more detailed plans addressing different aspects of health and care services and the foundations needed to support them. You can find out more about the foundation or enablers for transformation and the plans for estatesworkforce and digital programmes.

Our System Operating Plan 2019/20 for the NHS in North East London was published in April 2019. It is the result of work undertaken across the entire north east London health and social care system, and has been agreed by all members of the East London Health and Care Partnership.

The system operating plan sets out how the partnership will work together and deliver specific commitments to improve performance in key priorities like cancer, maternity and mental health during 2019/20. It forms the first stage in our response to the NHS Long Term Plan. The next stage is to develop a five year plan and we are involving our partners and local people to produce this with the aim of publishing it in autumn 2019.

'Living' plans

Few of the strategic plans we produce are standalone, one-off documents. More often than not, they are 'living' plans and will change over time as different projects start and finish, pilots become embedded - or not; and we take account of changes in population, the workforce, or even the weather! 

Living plans are important because we need to work in ways that support the flexibility people need. Whether you're a patient, member of the public, a carer, or you work in care and health - you want your local GP surgery, home help service, patient transport, hospital accident and emergency department or even your local park - to be there when you need it. 

Our plans can be very complex. They cover multiple organisations and systems and coordinating approaches can be a huge challenge. We often rely on information from patients, staff, service users on how well things are working. It's really important that we can share our plans and have constructive conversations with all of our stakeholders about them when they're not fully formed, so we can test whether they will work 'in real life'.

Updated: 13/06/2019